Apple fans holding out on news of the company’s wireless charging mat were upset on Wednesday, as the AirPower charger did not get any mentions during their most recent event.

Apple showcased the AirPower a year ago, demonstrating a flat pad that could wireless charge devices, for example, Apple Watches, iPhones, and AirPods cases simultaneously. There was, shockingly, no mention in Cupertino, California, on Wednesday.

Spectators surmised that Apple may have encountered some setbacks. 9to5Mac revealed that mentions of AirPower had been deleted from Apple’s site. According to them, the product page for 2017’s iPhone X said AirPower and a discharge date of 2018. Since the iPhone X has been discontinued, there’s no mention of the AirPower.

John Gruber, a tech blogger, and Apple enthusiast noted that while he’s found photos of the AirPower, there’s no mention of it by name on the site. “No one from Apple I’ve spoken to today will say a word about AirPower other than that they have nothing to say about it today,” he wrote on Wednesday. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been scrapped, and they just don’t want to say so yet.”

Apple reported in September a year ago that it would roll out the AirPower in 2018, however speculation of an actual release date was uncertain. It was later confirmed that Apple purchased PowerbyProxi, a wireless charging company.

News has stalled since engineers were working to stop overheating of the mats, as reported to Bloomberg.