Fashion Show Internet Service

Fashion Show Internet Service’s provided by M2ngage are exclusive wifi speeds for efficient connections to our private clients.

So lets break down how M2ngage will analyze your event space and figure out the amount of bandwidth and wifi connections you will need.

Analysis of amount of guest, staff, etc. Will anyone be streaming? Are there any dead spots that need hardware put up? What is the square footage of the venue and runway? These are some of the questions that will be presented to your companies fashion show coordinator followed by a site survey where we send out our engineers to view your events site and will point out any trouble shooting situations that can be fixed on site. From there we can determine the amount of WiFi you will need, weather it is 5 gigs or 100 gigs we can supply the bandwidth.

3 reasons to have reliable WiFi for you fashion show event.

  1. Multi-Media – The fans, fashionistas, bloggers, clients & all press needs a great connection to show your fashion to the world.
  2. Real Time – Show your new styles to the world live with no lag.
  3. Its 2018 who doesn’t need internet.
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