WiFi Installation For Hotels

Many of us who are looking to book hotels, most of the time we check to see online reviews of that hotel. Once in a while, you would come across a review that may say “The hotel WiFi is terrible which led to a terrible experience.” Don’t let that be your hotel. Guests may come and go but those reviews will still resonate. Whether it's a hotel, motel or resort, your guests expect the connection to the available WiFi network to be fast and reliable. Hotel reviews regarding WiFi reliability are on the rise. Increasingly, guests will turn away or not return to a hotel if their WiFi network is poor. The great thing in this day and age is that hotel WiFi solutions have transitioned from its days of being expensive and unreliable to now being very reasonable and steadfast.

The Perfect WiFi Internet Provider for Hotels

M2ngage Telecommunications delivers strong and reliable WiFi in which in return would help improve the guest experience in your hotels. We can improve your property’s existing network or install a new state-of-the-art system!

We only use the most current Ruckus Wireless AC Wave 2 access points for high-density event WiFi at hotels to not only build you an affordable yet dynamic wireless network, but one that is super secure to protect guest information. We can even provide guests with their own guest private network to take their security to an even higher level.

We’ve worked with the most noteworthy hotels in the country and want to work with your hotel next. To learn more about M2ngage Telecommunications’ services and/or to receive a risk-free, no obligation quote, get in touch with us today.

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