In Building & Remote Internet Access

M2 nGage Telecommunications II Corp. provides customers with high speed, reliable Internet services that are scalable to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. M2 nGage Telecommunications II Corp. supports your mission critical communications with high-bandwidth, dedicated connections to multiple and redundant peering partners.

With M2 nGage Telecommunications II Corp. your business benefits from:

  • Direct Internet Access Connections.
  • Speeds ranging from 20 MG's to Multi Gigabit.
  • Circuit Level Redundancy - Fiber and Wireless Microwave Transport circuits
  • Customizable Bandwidth On-Demand Around-the-clock monitoring of the network and your CPE.
  • Single point of contact: A single project manager handles all your needs

M2 nGage Telecommunications II Corp. aggregates bandwidth in the telecommunications facilities of Commercial Office Buildings. Tenants in these buildings get connected to the Internet via an Ethernet handoff terminated in their suite. Support multiple services DIA, VoIP and Video from one interface. This delivery provides faster installation and greater
uptime for your business.

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