Internet Backup Connection

Backup Internet Connection

Whether it's a clothing store, restaurant or law firm, every business needs a backup Internet connection. A fast, reliable, Internet connection is the cornerstone of any business. It can be a lifeline to your customers. However, if that internet was cut, there would be a loss in sales, business productivity would come to a halt, bad reviews from your customers, and even a possible shut-down of the business. Your business must be prepared for a network outage at any given time so it would be ideal that it includes an automatic Internet backup connection. You can expect a seamless, constant, redundant internet connection to our lightning fast wireless network so your business Internet is always up and running.

M2 nGage Telecommunications Recommends Having A Backup Internet Connection

Outages by even the largest providers demonstrate that no ISP’s are immune to outages. The cost of a backup Internet connection needs to be compared against staffing costs and in many cases, the backup connection can actually be used every day to diminish the issue on your primary Internet plan. The good news is that Internet connections are cheaper than they ever have been, and most firewalls purchased in the last few years have the capability to support multiple Internet connections.

Backup Internet Reliability

Implementing a secondary form of internet service as a backup for a primary connection is essential in protecting against slow speeds or internet outages. For example, if your primary internet service is fiber, you may want to implement a cable modem as a backup. Or, if your primary connection is cable, you may want to implement a T1 as a backup. The cost for having backup internet service can be based business’s budget and bandwidth needs. In many cases, the secondary connection, since it is a backup, doesn’t necessarily need to be as expensive as the primary one.

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