Residential Internet, Voice & TV

Since M2 nGage Telecommunications’ launch, our fully-owned and operated network has been the foundation of providing reliable connectivity across all of our services. This allows our high-speed Internet, voice and television services to be the highest performing and most affordable in the market.

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Ultra-Fast Residential Connectivity

For the average family accessing the Internet to stream video or participate in multiplayer gaming, ultra-fast broadband is a must. Even apartment residents who end up sharing the same building connection will become frustrated using bandwidth-intensive applications, such as Skype or audio streaming apps, if their internet service provider does not offer the necessary speed and data rates. With M2 nGage Telecommunications, home owners and apartment dwellers can enjoy fast, reliable and high-performing Internet connectivity.

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M2 nGage Telecommunications Voice and Television Services

For a low monthly fee, M2 nGage Telecommunications provides cost-effective residential voice and television services. Our voice services come standard with a wide array of functions, including caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding.

M2 nGage Telecommunications’ high-definition digital television packages include programming across the entire universe of entertainment. Our services include multi-room DVR capabilities and mobile content viewing apps.

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For Property Owners

For property owners serving tenants, M2 nGage Telecommunications offers Internet service plans that range from 10 Mbps to 1 Gig. We provide download and upload speeds that are 10 times faster than cable or DSL networks. M2 nGage Telecommunications’ fiber-optic based Internet allows multiple devices to be connected simultaneously without interruption or slower speeds.

Our WiFi network enables tenants to move freely across the property and maintain connectivity. We can also extend the range of wireless signals to remote areas of properties by deploying multiple WiFi access points. Protected from cybersecurity threats, M2 nGage Telecommunications provides a secure network that is only accessible to authorized users.

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Welcome to Your Smart Home

The smart home is poised to transform appliances, security, HVAC and entertainment. All of these IoT-enabled sensors and applications require secure and robust connectivity. For property managers, this is a golden opportunity to increase the value of your building. As the IoT continues to influence the experience of your tenants, M2 nGage Telecommunications’ ultra-fast Internet and WiFi services will ensure you provide the reliable connectivity that these smart home systems and applications will require.

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