The Lee County School District was chosen to participate across the country give fast remote web and cell phones to one million, low-pay high school students. This initiative is being spearheaded by Sprint.

Shellie Taylor is the graduation coordinator at Island Coast High School in Cape Coral, Florida. She helped her staff give portable hotspot gadgets to around twelve understudies in the school’s media room this past

“We just know in the world that we live in, that technology is one of those factors we wanted to be able to overcome that and make sure that wasn’t a barrier at all,” Taylor said.

The educational programs at Island Coast High School, in the same way as other schools today, depends vigorously on web-based learning and assessments. The school gives its students free laptops, yet students, such as first-year student Alexis Gonzalez, with no web access at home found that their grades were seriously affected because of an inability to finish homework assignments.

“I finally get to do my homework at the house….It’s gonna boost my grade up like a lot,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez additionally said that having the capacity to surf the web outside of school will assist her in researching ideas she needs more help understanding.

Teachers only have so much time to go over things in class,” Gonzalez said.

125 students from Island Coast High School will get hotspot gadgets which give three gigabytes of rapid data per month.
These gadgets will be given to all of Lee County’s 14 secondary schools,s well as the Lee Adolescent Mothers Program. Up to five cell phones can be connected with the hotspots. Students must turn the devices at the end of the academic year.