Trade Show WiFi

Weather you are at the Javitz Center looking for trade show booth internet or The Nassau Colosseum you need WiFi. From 1 Gig for your Table to multi gig for your vendors or even a dedicated connection to ensure your internet connection is reliable. This is vital so no loss of data occurs and we have a continuous flow of bandwidth to your connected guest. M2 ngage can connect from 100 devices short ranged to connecting millions in a wide spread city. Internet devices for trade show events can be delivered in a multi connection way or satalite internet for a temporary amount of time or days. Ask a WiFi specialist at M2 if you need a specific type of internet.

A Comment from the WiFi Engineer

Trade Shows are one of my specialties. I enjoy site mapping out the way the internet should flow and connect special devices in places where I think can be a dead zone due to building material, metals in the area, or lack of reach. My 10 years + experience and my wifi stats will keep your vendors temporary wifi connection strong with no lag. By the way there is free telephone support 24/7. Ask for an onsite engineer to come by and give you a survey.

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The Engineer at M2 ngage

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