VPN (Virtual Private Network)

M2 nGage Telecommunications II Corp. provides a fully-managed Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution delivering customers the security your business demands in order to avoid unwanted remote access to your network. Our VPN solution grants your employees and business partners remote, secure access to your corporate network quickly and easily. Customers are provided with fully-managed firewall/VPN applications that are installed at their multiple locations and configured to create a multi-site private network for your business. Scalable to meet the needs of your business no matter how big or small, M2 nGage’s VPN solutions will give your company peace-of-mind knowing that only the people you want are connecting to your network, while saving your business time and money.

Benefits of M2 nGage’s VPN solutions include:

  • Secure, remote access to your network both domestically and internationally.
  • Scalable to meet the needs of businesses big and small.
  • Immediate cost saving alternative to dedicated network connections.
  • Fast, reliable service with a very quick turnaround time for installation/set-up.
  • World class, around-the-clock network management, providing on-site installation and maintenance 24 x 7.
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