WiFi For Large Buildings

When developing large commercial or residential smart buildings you must keep in mind your WiFi signal. Building WiFi is one of M2 ngage's specialties. Our building to building connections are one of the reasons we can cover over 1 million devices in a large building structure without lag.

Building structure for wifi:

A building structure is a man-made structure with a roof and walls standing in one place, such as house wifi or factory wifi.

Building Wifi is classified into two categories


1) Based on the occupancy.         2)Based on the type of construction.

Types of buildings that qualify to receive a wifi internet signal.

  • Agricultural buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Educational buildings
  • Government buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Military buildings
  • Religious buildings
  • Transport buildings
  • Power plants

Agricultural buildings:

These structures are designed for farmers and agricultural practices, for growing crops, and to raise live stock. Farm house wifi. Cow shed Pigsty Root cellar Storm cellar granary Farm house wifi

Commercial buildings:

These smart buildings are used for commercial use. Automobile wifi, Warehouse wifi, Bank Convention center wifi, Gas station wifi, etc. Supermarket wifi, Sky scraper wifi, Market house wifi Commercial shop wifi

Residential buildings:

A Residential building is that, in which housing predominates, as opposed to industrial and commercial areas. building may vary significantly between, single-family building, multi-family building, or mobile homes. Apartment Villa Bungalow Nursing home

Educational buildings:

This occupancy type shall include any building or portion thereof in which education, training and care are provided to children or adults. This occupancy shall be subdivided as follows : Museum School Archive library

Government buildings:

It is a building that houses a branch of government. Capitol Embassy Prison Fire station, Post office, etc.

Industrial buildings:

These buildings are designed to house industrial operations and provide the necessary conditions for workers, and for the operation of industrial equipment. Factory, Water mill, Foundry, Power plant, Wind mill, Tide mill, etc.

Military buildings:

This building is a structure designed to house the functions, performed by a military unit. Barracks, Bunker, Citadel, Castle, Fortification, Block house, etc.

Religious buildings:

These are the buildings for religious purposes, with a large open interior or other monumental qualities. They often have spires, towers, domes rising above the main structure. Church, Temple, Mosque, Pyramid, Shrine, etc.

Transport buildings:

This is a structural building which consists of the means of equipment necessary for the movement of passengers or goods on land, water, and air ways. Airports, Railway stations, Parking garage, Light house, Bus station, etc.

Power stations/power plants:

These buildings serve as the industrial facility to generate electric power. Geo thermal power plant, Fossil fuel power plant, Nuclear power plant, Renewable energy power station, etc.

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